Immediate Response Integrated Sensory - The next evolution in SPARTAN sensory capabilities has arrived for ASTRO EQ.

The Immediate Response Integrated Sensory VISR attachment has been recovered. Harness it's ability to transform your perception of the battlefield, and lay waste to the Banished enemy that threatens the lives of mankind.


Exclusive for the ASTRO Gaming Community, ZaliaS's certified Halo Championship Series EQ ensures you'll bring your best A-game to the tournament.

Pick up your weapon, SPARTAN.
You've been awoken, because you are needed.
It's time to equip your
I.R.I.S. and take on the Arena!

Supported devices:

  • ASTRO A40 + MixAmp Pro TR (Gen 4 / Gen 3)

  • ASTRO A50 Wireless (Gen 4 / Gen 3)

*Gen 4 devices are recommended for the intended experience.

Requirements for applying EQ:

  • ASTRO Command Center (ACC) installed on PC/Mac or Xbox Console.

  • Latest device firmware updated from ACC.

  • *Xbox Series X|S requires the ASTRO HDMI Audio Adapter to utilize ACC presets.

*Best experienced with Dolby® Atmos.

Previous Versions

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Current Version: 1.0

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